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de universiteit van essex jaarboek

Leven met werkloosheid (pp.
However, the results of an analysis based on the data de chinese sex zoeker of 4,045 older adults, collected within the LSN research program using face-to-face interviews, showed that the scale scores (range 0-11) based on dichotomized item scores and the scale scores (range 11-33) computed as the sum.
Eenzaamheid: Een meersporig onderzoek Loneliness: A multimethod approach.
Lonely but not alone: Emotional isolation as two distinct dimensions of loneliness in older people.Changes in and factors related to loneliness in older men: The Zutphen Elderly Study.Loneliness among the never and formerly married: The importance of supportive friendships and a desire for independence.PhD Dissertation, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.De Jong Gierveld (Eds.Living arrangements of older adults in the Netherlands and Italy: Coresidence values and behaviour and their consequences for loneliness.Format loneemo lonesoc (f2).Emotionele en sociale eenzaamheid onder gescheiden en gehuwde mannen en vrouwen: De deficiet- en cognitieve benaderingen vergeleken.Count mlones lone3 lone9 lone10 lone4 lone7 lone8 (sys, lo thru -1).Meeting the need to belong: Predicting effects of a friendship enrichment program for older women.
The items are sometimes preceded by a short introduction.
Broese van Groenou,.J.H.
Persoonlijke banden maatschappelijke randvoorwaarden.Processing the scale data 8, a short scale 9, references other than in Appendix 4 10, reviews, appendix 1, requested background data for the purpose of validation studies.Eenzaamheid: Een methoden-vergelijkend onderzoek Loneliness: Comparing methods.Among those without a partner (who were either living on their own or were heads of single-parent households) the mean scale scores ranged from.2.1.Social isolation, loneliness and the health of older adults.Manual of the Loneliness Scale 1999 (Updated from the printed version: ).